Phil Mangos

Lifestyle, Horticulture, Rural Specialist

When it comes to buying and selling your property, Phil Mangos understands that it’s not a menial task. Saying farewell to a property that you hold dear, or looking for that new gem to fill with memories can be a daunting time. Understanding this process is the first step to becoming a successful real estate salesperson.


Integrity, honesty and trust

Phil’s exceptionally warm personality and outgoing nature is underpinned by a professional and hardworking temperament, earned from years of running his own successful business. A long-time resident of Tauranga, Phil has countless community ties and considers himself a great promotor for the lifestyle the area provides with its fabulous location close to both beaches and countryside.

Specialising in lifestyle, horticulture and rural sales Phil is passionate about the area he lives and works in. As a former grower himself of kiwi and a current grower of avocado on a lifestyle property, he understands the rural way of life well. He’s known for his willingness to roll up his sleeves at every point in the sales process, whether he’s developing marketing material, problem solving or negotiating a home’s final sale price.

Aware of how much is at stake when clients put their home on the market, Phil goes to great lengths to keep them up-to-date with each development in their sales campaign. As he says, “the key to a great sales experience is communication. I know how much clients appreciate receiving honest, transparent advice and I take pride in the reputation I’ve developed as a trusted advisor”.

Phil’s diligent and successful track record, teamed with Bayleys industry leading resources ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the final sales result.

If you're looking to sell, buy or just want some friendly real estate advice, please call Phil.

Why RVs should not control your buying or selling decision

We are often asked what the RV (rateable value) of a property is; there is a lot of misunderstanding out there about what an RV actually is. Did you know most RVs are generated without anyone ever visiting the property? The narrow purpose of RVs is to help councils determine how to apply rates to a property. RVs don’t usually take into account factors that make a property better (or worse); for example the condition and presentation of the house and land, the effects of any redecoration/renovations, perhaps improvements that didn’t require consent, chattels and appliances, or the potential use of the land etc. #tip #seekadvice


Make your kitchen shine

Not only is the kitchen a functional space for food preparation, but it’s also a hub for entertainment and socialising. The kitchen can ultimately make or break your sale so make sure you tantalize buyers with a clean, modern workspace that beckons them into the kitchen and surrounding home. Clean workspaces make your floors, kitchen surfaces, and bench tops look larger and more spacious. Just as you express your personality in living areas with signature pieces, your kitchen needs the same loving touch. #homeinspiration #tip

Looking to buy?

Buying property is expensive, and it can cost even more if something goes wrong. Paying professionals to help you is a good investment. The cost of not getting sound advice can be very high if things go wrong. That’s why it’s important to have a good team of professionals to support you. Find a lawyer or conveyancer before you start looking at properties. Buying can move fast when you find something you like. When time is tight, or you've missed out on several homes, it can be tempting to skimp on getting a full builder's report. This is risky. We recommend you hire a qualified property inspector to check a property before you make an offer, or make the offer subject to a building inspection. #buyingproperty #professionaladvice

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